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emily, 16, new york. i love paramore a lot.

So hard to believe that all of this was real! All of these photos are mine! :) I’m kind of having an emo moment thinking about it all. Being a fan for 7 years, I’ve always dreamed of having an experience like that at a paramore show! That fact that it all happened was just amazing and I am still unable to comprehend everything that happened. June 24th, 2014 is going down in the books as the best night of my entire life. I literally haven’t shut up about it since it all happened. Thank you again Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor for making that night so amazing. Thank you for everything. yelyahwilliams



So the day kind of got off to a weird start, I fainted in the morning lol I don’t even know why?? But I’m fine lol. Then my friend, Savannah (@parasavvy), almost couldn’t go to the show with me, so I was kind of upset about that. But anyway, it all worked out perfectly. Savannah ended up going and…

I keep reading this and crying because it was all real and it’s not a dream anymore. yelyahwilliams

My mom had a different reaction every time I brought up me wanting a tattoo
1- “as long as it’s somewhere tasteful”
2- *looks at me like she doesn’t know me*
3- “oh please don’t do that!”
4- “I might get one with you!”

stars-and-ghosts asked: Man I sure hope so haha. Maybe a miracle will happen:) I'm not sure what I would do if I met them. Do you have a favorite Paramore song?

Aw it will! And yes, I have a bunch! I think Careful and Turn It Off are my favorites right now, they always change though!

stars-and-ghosts asked: wow I read your meet and greet thing. that's amazing. You're so lucky. I'd have cried too! Congrats. I hope i get to meet them some day

Wow, thank you! One day, you will definitely meet them!! I never thought any of that would happen to me and I’m super thankful. :)